Mr. Kent Mason recently provided me with brokerage services in connection with the listing and sale of an estate property in Boulder, Colorado. In doing so, Mr. Madson provided excellent professional services of the highest caliber. Thanks to his efforts we were able to promptly sell the property at a price reflecting its actual value to the estate. I highly recommend Mr. Madson.

Very truly yours,

Hartley David Alley


We really want to thank you again for your help. As first time buyers, in a totally new part of the country, we were nervous entering this undertaking, but your professionalism and knowledge really made this feel seamless. We can't than you enough. You will be highly recommended whenever we have the opportunity.

Our best to you and your family,

Ethan and Christy


We waned to thank you for all your help in selling my father-in-law's home. You helped us do all teh right things, from the first day we talked until the day the home sold. And, you haven't stopped, helping us deal with his neighbor's negligence assertion.

We especially appreciated your quick and calm responses to the various crises that arose during this process such as the flood plain issues, and also for providing recommendations that enabled us to sell the house without incurring significant additional costs, such as new carpet and front landscaping.

The timing of a sale depends on many elements: hard work, marketing, and some luck. Since the house sold within five days, clearly you did the right things!

Again, thank you. Dick and I wish you continued success.

Nanacy Moreland


Kent is experienced and resourceful. Very Professional. Highly recommended.



Thank you very much for your patience during this process with a difficult property! I found your advice very good throughout and you had goof promptness and attention to detail. I would very much recommend you to any looking to buy or sell in the Boulder area.

Thanks again!



If you need a Realtor: Kent Madson at RE/MAX of Boulder is a great guy and you'll find he goes over and above. My house was listed with him.

Best Wishes,



Fantastic job bringing in your own experts for repairs, Kent. Other agents would not have gone as far to secure a deal. I am very, very impressed.



I listed my house for sale with Kent while I was living full-time in New York. I'm an entrepreneur who is used to having to take care of every detail, but in this case, Kent took care of every detail for me. Kent got the price that I wanted on the sale, and his years of experience as a home inspector saved me thousands when it came time to negotiate the final contract details with the buyer. You can't discount this - saved me thousands.

I absolutely got what I paid for with Kent Madson as my broker, and I whole-heartedly recommend him to you.

Nicholas Kerner


Wow. You really are agent extraordinaire. That is THE best comps presentation I personally have ever seen. So smart.



Dear Kent,

As always, you were a patient and resourceful Realtor. We owe none of the inconveniences we experienced to you!

We were surely not easy clients ans we are grateful for the productive work and support you provided us. I very much appreciate our now-pretty-darned-long-term association (1989? something like that, and from then it took until 1995 for me to first become paying client!) and will always refer people to you - you are very good at what you do. You are also a man of great integrity and kindness.

Thank you for your service,



To Who It May Concern,

Kent Madson served as our Real Estate Broker recently when we sold our home of many years and bought a town house. We would like to say that we were very satisfied with his services. We found him to be competent and thoroughly professional. He is knowledgeable yet amendable to suggestions. He worked with us as well as working for us. He followed up on all showings and interested parties, and kept us informed. He was accessible and always returned our calls. He is pleasant and good-natured as well. We are happy to recommend him to anyone needing the services of a Real Estate Broker.

Your truly,

Kenneth and Jane Olson


Dear Kent,

Thanks so much for your efforts in bringing 1829 Mapleton to a successful closing. Your positive energy and professionalism were greatly appreciated, and I look forward to working with you on another transaction in the near future.

Thank you,

David Rosenberg


Dear Kent:

Just a little note to express my appreciation for the professional manner in which you handled the sale of my home. I was very pleased that, despite the "buyer's market", the house was under contract within just a few days after placing it on the market. You were available for help and advice every step of the way, from our initial conversations about carpeting and paint right up to the closing day, and even afterwards!

We'll have to do business again if I'm fortunate enough to be able to move back to Boulder. See you then!


Andrew R Zollar


Dear Kent,

We are busy moving into our new home on Heidelberg Drive in Boulder, and are enjoying it and the neighborhood very much. Many thanks for your assistance in navigating the difficult Boulder Market this Spring. In particular, your excellent advice on neighborhoods, prices, and negotiations are most appreciated.

Please use us and our experience as a reference - we would be happy to speak with any of your prospective clients and tell them of our favorable experiences. Best wishes for your future success and for the success of the families you work with. Thanks once again for your invaluable help in acquiring our new home.

Yours truly,

The Lawrences


Dear Kent,

It was a pleasure working with you. We want to thank you for finding us this wonderful house, and for making the purchase of it such a pleasant, trouble-free experience. Your professional expertise and your willingness to handle all the thousands of questions and concerns that accompany buying a home took all the weight off our shoulders and left us free to enjoy the excitement of the move. Your patience was endless, your help and kindness invaluable.

It has been great knowing and working with you, and we are looking forward to a long and lasting friendship. Thank you again, Kent!

With fond regards,

Bruce and Adrienne Staff


My husband and I were very happy to be able to work with Kent Madson. It's thanks to him that we're now living in a house that is just right for us. Kent did a good job of letting us know only about those houses that fit our criteria very closely. I believe his sensitivity to our special needs saved us a lot of time in the long run. We were also impressed with his professionalism and his attention to detail. He was on top of everything that needed to be done at each step of the way. I especially appreciated Kent's patience. No matter what problems or questions we threw his way, he took everything in stride in his characteristic cheerful manner! For example, when we found out that our original loan application was not going to work out, Kent pooled his resources in the community and found another mortgage company that would accept our specific conditions. That reference really saved the day!

My husband and I highly recommend Kent to anyone looking for a home.


Anne B. Dixon


Dear Kent,

Buying a house is never easy. Especially when one has never done it before! I appreciated your patience, insight and attention to detail while helping me in my quest for a home for my family. I was impressed by the fact that you took the time to find out what I wanted in a house, a learning process that was not exactly easy since it took me a while to decide what that was. Since my parents were part of the financial backing for the house, it was especially important that they get a feeling for the Boulder house market while they were here for a short period of time in April. You were able to accomplish that.

Once i had chosen the house I wanted to purchase, I felt that i was never in the dark about what was going on or what my next step should be. If I had a question, you could find the answer, if you didn't already know.

I will happily recommend your services to anyone I know who might be looking for a home in the Boulder area.

Thanks again,

Suzanne T Larsen


Kent is a Realtor who assisted me in the purchase of my new house. This was the first time I had gone through this process alone, and Kent's help was invaluable. Because I was buying a new house, Kent's background in construction enabled him to check all those small construction details about which I had no knowledge and to talk with the builder about anything that needed changing. He went with me on the intermediate and final walk-throughs. As a result of his attention, my new house was in great condition at the time of the closing.

Kent spent time finding me the best possible loan for my particular situation, and he came up with a great one. All of the people at the closing commented at that.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new home.


Barbara Krause


This note is to show our appreciation for the great job Kent Madson did as our real estate agent. He was willing to work with us when we were not sure we would even move to the area. He spent the time showing us the area and telling us about the different places. He was there at our closing and was very helpful in understanding and dealing with the documents. He even helped us with the signing of our papers on the sale of our house in California. This was above and beyond the call of duty!!

We plan on recommending Kent to anyone else that will be looking for a home in this area.

Thanks for a job well done.

Michael and Carol Bacovcin